One of the biggest disquiet aspiring home buyers faces before they settle on which house to buy, is often than not, the limit that their budget- space can comfortably accommodate and where they can get the best deals and offers. However, when it comes to deciding on a particular neighborhood in a certain locality, besides the price of the home, you need to put into consideration various factors which are paramount. For example, the security of the place-how safe is the area; you also need to consider if the home is pocket-friendly and how suitable and convenient it is. We have your best interest at heart and would wish to make your first-time home buying smooth sailing. As a result of this, we critically analyzed the above factors and below is our compilation of Dallas ten best neighborhoods.

1. Farmers Market District

2. University Park

3. Near East

4. Highland Park

5. M Streets (tie)

6. Oak Lawn (tie)

7. Bluff view

8. Main Street District

9. North Dallas

10. Far North

Out of the 29 Dallas neighborhoods, we came up with the above top ten most attractive areas. Nonetheless, this was after some serious calculations. After our analysis, we ranked the neighborhoods in decreasing order of areas which enjoy the most crucial home buying factors- affordability (median household income to median home value ratio), the proximity to social amenities, and security.

Farmers Market District

The sunny Farmers Market District is located in the southeastern area of downtown Dallas. Just as the name suggests, Farmers market District, is home to the renowned Dallas Farmers market, a huge community market with four sheds all filled with locally-sourced produce. Albeit the market being the primary source of attraction. Farmers Market District prides itself in having other attractive factors such as live performances during summer, a large pumpkin patch in the fall, a sociable and welcoming environment, which makes it a wonderful place for families. Although most homes in the area are apartments and condos, there is still sufficient space for starter homes. In conclusion, the area is ranked third regarding affordability, second regarding nearness to social amenities which are within a one-mile radius. Ultimately, Farmers Market District comes out as the best.

University Park

University Park comes in second on our list. It is located in the interior leafy environs of Dallas. Apart from its family-friendly neighborhood, University Park is a chief residential area. Regarding affordability, it is ranked second. Hence, making it a great place for first-time home buyers. Moreover, it is known for houses with eye-appealing architectural impressions, presence of several churches, and green landscape. Consequently, making it a place to fall quickly in love with. Besides, Schools located in University Park are regularly ranked among the best in the state. Besides, Snider Plaza, Curtis Park, and Preston Center all offer quality and convenient services such as outdoor activities, shopping, and eating joints.

Near East

Looking for an area even much cheaper than University Park? Seek no more; Near East is the perfect place for you regarding affordability. Near East prides itself as the most affordable region in Dallas. It is a new upcoming area that has several high- class pubs that offer quality food, and exceptional shopping options in the area. Although, it is a new residential area with few opportunities for single-family homes. Its loft-style flats add an indescribable touch of elegance and fashion. In spite of Near East being ranked last in reference to amenities, it still enjoys diverse, filled galleries, designer shopping opportunities, and high-end bars. In conclusion, for the nature lovers, Trinity River Greenbelt Park is just close.

Highland Park

Highland Park is located three miles north of the center of downtown Dallas. It is a booming residential neighborhood with a range of parks. Highland Park and University Park forms the “Park Cities” and are amalgamated municipalities that are considered suburbs. Subsequently, using Dallas as their address. At Highland Park the styles of homes are magnificent, with many boasting of Old World character. Though this neighborhood is not highly ranked out of the top 10 regarding amenities, nonetheless, it still scored 8th overall. Besides, the Highland Park Village Shopping Center prides in luxurious stores, theaters, and a couple of dining options.

M Streets (tie)

M Street derives its name from the two main streets surrounding the area, McCommas, and Monticello. Most of the homes in the area date back to the 1920s and represent the Tudor architectural style with sharply erected roofs and tall, narrow windows. About amenities, the area acquires a middle position, with the proximate Greenville Avenue filled with convenient restaurants and shops.

Oak Lawn (tie)

Oak Lawn, is a region mainly composed of urban professionals. It is a very diverse and varied neighborhood. Ranging from brand new apartments, to condos, to rows of townhomes, to single-families, to duplexes, and a series of housing types. Above and beyond, Oak Lawn is home to various parks, safe means of public transport with trolleys and buses, and high-quality food restaurants. In case you don’t fancy nightlife scenes Oak Lawn is the ideal place for you.

Bluff view

At seventh position are the hilly, winding streets of Bluff view. It is an extremely desired area for many people due to various factors. First, Bluff view is primarily a residential area hence making it ideal for families. Here there is the availability of all kinds of homes, ranging from traditional to midcentury to modern. Most of the properties are located on huge pieces of land with notable backyards, some with creeks and ravines. The location of Bluff view makes it a beautiful place for commuters with the closely enough amenities of downtown, but still far out reasonably away from hustle and bustles.

Main Street District

It is not a surprise to Home buyers-to-be to hear that Main Street District ranked the least affordable of the top 10. However, ranked highest regarding amenities, taking the number one slot in the category. However, for such a downtown location, to be ranked 16th out of 29 neighborhoods isn’t so bad. However, with the presence of some retailers, restaurants, and abundant attractions, there’s always something to engage yourself in at the Main Street District. Besides, the residential homes here are in the form of apartments and condos, and new housing is on the rise with newly planned constructions.

North Dallas

If you’re looking for a larger house sitting on an ample size plot of land, North Dallas area is your ultimate goal. An out-of-town Haven, North Dallas boasts of stunning homes on tree-lined streets and an upscale feel. While it is ranked on the lower end of our list regarding amenities, 289 is a short driving distance away, with plenty of dining joints, shopping options and bus lines to downtown. However, it is imperative to note that, North Dallas is located a bit away from the inmost heart of Dallas, therefore, make an appropriate decision about it if you’re planning to commute to work.

Far North

At tenth place is Far North. Interesting to note, Far North is located more to the north than North Dallas. This neighborhood is suitable for first-time home buyers and families. Although it is located 20 minutes’ drive north of the city center and has fewer amenities; Preston Road is home to shopping malls, restaurants, and outlet stores. Furthermore, there is always an outdoor activity for every family member, from going for hiking the trails of Katie Jackson Park, to hang out at Preston Wood or Bent Tree Country Club, to playing with Fido at Wagging Tail Dog Park.