Information for all Sellers

It’s always true, especially if it relates to selling a home – the positive first impression is almost everything. So, if in this moment you want to sell your home, or if you want to do it in the future, you will want to know, for sure, how is possible to pay the positive first attention of future buyers for your home. If you want to know it, there is one of the most dramatic way to achieve a good impression: paint your house. This immediately improves its appearance.

Here we can start to talk about the really positive bang – or great first impression, – that can produce fresh and good painting of exterior and interior of your house.

Of course, a lot of buyers now are doing their own homework and are looking at the houses before they start to contact with an agent, so agents agree with the idea that the sellers shouldn’t (or are not obliged to) take this curb appeal lightly. In this situation a lot of things depends of the house.

Leastways, paint the door, all door frame, first room or foyer, that the future buyers will see.

  • Use neutral and fresh colors. If you want to paint the exterior part of your house, be sure that the chosen colors blends in with the surroundings. Opt for creams, whites or other neutral colors. According to PQI, this colors more often attract the attention of people.
  • Whether you hire someone or paint yourself, make sure that all necessary work is done, all dirt are washing away, and repairing and prices were negotiated by you at the beginning, before the start of all work.
  • Paint window frames, trim, railings and other details to freshen up interior and exterior.
  • Promote any flyers, painting of your house in ads and good online descriptions of the house. Buyers and homeowners pay attention on the fresh and good painted aspect of a home. You also can include the date when all works associated with painting of house were done, and tell about the quality of paint, that you used.