Now, when the situation with the housing market becomes more and more frail, real-property agents and home builders start to use extreme methods to attract attention of future clients – starting to promise lower prices and dangling lavish. In Boca Raton, Florida, Gordon Houses is offering clients to pay all home insurance and taxes (insurance of two years) – so, it worth like $150,000 on homes evaluated as high as nearly $2.5 million – for all buyers of recently completed houses at its Azura’s development.

Or one other case: in Richmond, located in Virginia, Orleans Housebuilders Inc. start to offer clients “Sizzling Sale Savings in Summer” – about $100,000 of all upgrades starting from countertops of granite in conservatory.

In Medford, located in Oregon, Diana A., a real-property agent, is proposing to pay mortgage payment during four month on the $975,000 home her husband and she herself, located on 20 acres beside the Crater Lake.

“I’d also agree to negotiate a lower price,” says Diana Ad., agent with the Re/M International Inc. “My desire is have this home out off my books”

Across all country it’s possible to view the same scene – the majority of house sellers and house buyers are doing all possible and impossible to unload the single-family houses.  By the way, they offer to the buyers the cash discounts: about 20%, agreeing to complete garages, basements and other areas with costs a few thousand dollars – stimulus is much richer than it was expected.

In this summer, new-house sales fallen 40% or more in comparison with their peak several years ago, and a half million of finished homes sit in the inventory – according the information of the report from “Association of House Builders”. Whereas contract cancellations are now 30% for majority of builders.

And it’s impossible to know what will pass in the future. The Association of Realtors have said that the sales of new houses will probably fall 19% (in comparison with the past year).

Many of builders and sellers never have supposed that  housing market will drop this far. Now there are too little buyers and finished houses with all inventory prepared, that are sitting empty during a lot of month – and some of them are growing in true desperate, trying to attract the little number of buyers.

According the recent survey, made by Association of House Builders, about 56% of all builders are in this moment offering incentives (in comparison with 45% of past year).

And the incentives are continuously growing. In San Diego County, California, Chris H., a real property agent working with the William Keller Realty, says that about one year ago the majority of builders had few reasons to offer any type of incentives.

Nowadays he says that for buyers all is possible.

Mr. Heller say that on homes in the $700,000, his clients are scoring a lot of concessions totally about $80,000. On the whole, it means a significant decline in prices and the pay agreement – or a combination of both.

Majority of builders, working in the Dallas-Fort Worth, are trying to construct as much as possible homes, using incentives now more freely. “Actually they are doing stuff to away here,” say us Kenneth C., a real-property agent, also with DFW Dallas’ Urban Realty.

In suburban area of Dallas, there are much incentives on the single-families homes abound, also including the all type of price reductions (20%) and sometimes swimming pools – absolutely free.

Steve W., president construction of Homes Wall Inc., say that his firm is knocking about 18% of list price and for inventory houses in the area of city’s suburbs. When for the other houses, in the process of construction, is offering absolutely free covered patio, free blinds and 50% of upgrades (to $20,000). “In comparison with the last year, now is more competitive,” says Mr. Wall.

“This trend likely will intensify in the future,” say Mark Z., main economist at, referring to rising inventory of all new houses, elevated quantity of pre-owned houses on market.”

Often haven’t enough incentives alone to close a sale. Builder of KB Home says that possibly in summer it was offered to pay about $5,000 to finally closing all costs, or toward “inventory”, houses, in comparison with the past year when it was paid $1,000, “but we see that this type of incentives generally don’t work well,” spokeswoman says. Rowena E., an independent estate agent working in La Canada, located in California, says us that during last downturn of Southern California, it was offered one new Porshe by the clients to the home buyers, “but it didn’t work.”

In general, builders try to avoid or not work with direct price markdowns, because it irritate previous home buyers, who naturally don’t want the forced down of prices. At the last days, buyers more often cut the price – often than it was in the past.

“Because it means for some people the help to can avoid bankruptcy,” says Gene R., agent of Keller Williams, located at Tallahassee, Florida. There builders normally are offering price markdowns and incentives of about 15% of the total purchase on $300,000 or $400,000 homes – double level in comparison with the past year.

Of course, not each market or company is struggling. Dianna K., Austin’s vice president, Texas-based William Kellers Realty, says that houses in the hot markets like markets in Ostin, regularly receive much offers, and incentives are unnecessary.

In other markets, the named pockets of strength can still exist, especially in the popular neighborhoods. Jim N., N Realtors ERA president, located in Richmond, Virginia, says that one agent, at the last 6 or 7 days, listed a home for $600,000 in a really desirable subdivision, “and during the two days it was sold.”

Nevertheless, in the biggest part of the country, market is of the buyers. And the most intelligent buyers use this for themselves – for their own advantage.

Lummie J., Napier Realtors vice-president, says that the better deals always go to the people who still buying inventory houses, and which can close during 30 days, for who not have contingencies in contacts, like the need or the desire to sell another home or find the financing.

According Ms. Jones, these buyers normally get concessions starting with 5% to 10%, of the total home price.

As well, if one have preapproval letter, it will be interesting for they to know that this letter indicate, that lender can fund the mortgage instantly to the certain amount, “and naturally tell them to view several of best deals,” say Mr. Rivers, the agent of Tallahassee. Certain similar homes sometimes have different price, it depends of special foundation or the construction time.

Orleans Homebuilders, located in Bensalem, state of Pennsylvania, for example, has knocked more than $200,000 of the cost of some just built houses which costs million dollar, located in Richmond, state of Virginia, and is offering $20,000 of additional reduction for all buyers who actually buy inventory houses before the Labor Day.

For all buyers who don’t want to pay so much, builders offer nearly $10,000, to pay cover costs, that help financing the home.

In markets like Seattle and Denver, builders now more often are willing to pay each agent larger commissions – more than 4% of the house’s sales cost, comparing with the 1.5% that it was before – to help with the unloading of inventory homes. But, one part of this money finally can be returned to builders – to lower the house price and to help to buy the house most cheaply.

“It’s important to be able to negotiate, especially this days,” says Judy K., agent of Re/Max, in area of Seattle. “Now flexibility is the most important thing in the market.”