The job market in Dallas is incessantly escalating, consequently causing an increase in rent prices. Besides this phenomenal, Dallas has many residential areas, making it the excellent time to buy a home rather than rent. For instance, the median home price in Dallas is $129,000. Hence, if you consider taking a 30- year fixed mortgage loan of $100,000 at an interest rate of 4.5%, your average mortgage should translate to $800. Though, this approximation isn’t inclusive of tax or any mortgage insurance it is a fantastic offer rather than paying the $822 median rent, which keeps fluctuating higher with each passing year. Looking for a home in Dallas? We have your best interest at heart, all you need is just simply to get in touch with a Movoto Certified Agent, and they will exhaustively answer all questions you might have pertaining home purchases.  

Having some attractive piece of land in Texas that you are consider selling? Property selling can be one of the most hectic and challenging activities, most especially if one does not join hands with a realtor who has expertise in their line of work.  Prices of land have been on a depreciating trail for the past few years. However, it is paramount to note that, this decline is reversing for the better. Subsequently, if you have a property that you are considering of selling, the time could not be any better than now to sell it. Hence, if you are aware of a few guidelines and gimmicks, selling off your unwanted property might just out to be a less stressful transaction. Below, is our top 5 list when considering of selling your Texas acreage property.

Find out its worth– The first and foremost thing to do when considering of selling off your acreage property, is to establish its worth. Due to this, we highly recommend before initializing any selling transaction. Hire the services of an expert real estate agent or property evaluator to help you determine the exact and accurate value of your property. Always keep mind you can’t sell without establishing the worth first.

The presentation is imperative– In the world of real estate, appearance is simply everything.  You can achieve this by clearly marking the property lines to make them visible. Besides, no one wants to buy an unkempt, dirty piece of land. Hence, strive to clean up any untidy area and collect trash.

Carry out research– for you to be fully prepared to answer any question regarding the property from a prospective buyer.  Find out everything about it. For example, the precise property lines, utility information, zoning ordinances, water access, waste disposal and sewage information and about any other amenities. Furthermore, be conversant about the area the property is located such as the nearest community.

Be Prepared– Most importantly, you need to be psychologically and holistically ready. Because your land can sell in the initial days or even take months for it to be bought. Ensure that you are always within your rights to sell the ground and also discuss the selling of the property with any connected parties, such as family. Finally, be financially ready to complete all the transaction process, from assessment to cleaning up, to advertising and legal fees. Always ensure that you are willing to let the land go.

Publicize the sale of your property. It is important to let prospective buyers know of the sale. For that reason, place huge and easily legible signs and billboards of the sale of the property in high traffic areas. Also, enquire about the best platform for sale in your market. You may consider advertising online, in the dailies and periodicals, and on social media. Also, tell your family and friends so that they might help you spread word about it. Additionally, you may consider, contacting your local developers to make them aware of the availability of your land for sale. An informed real estate professional can easily assist you with information about the advertisement of your land.