Over the course of 2016, the DFW and North Texas real estate market reached all-time highs in home prices and commercial sales, which has been largely fueled by the region’s incredible job growth over the past 12 to 18 months. Some industry experts are comparing 2016 to the insane development boom of the 1980s, only on somewhat of a more sustainable level.  

Both Fort Worth and Dallas each saw demand rise substantially for both apartments and high-rise office space, and that’s a trend that will likely carry-over into the beginning of the new year and likely beyond. But during the year of 2017 approaches, the biggest part of people are starting to thinking about how much longer will this real property market last?

For the young, first-time house buyers, rising mortgage rates will affect first level house sales moving ahead. But if job and employment growth continues to be at a pace close to the year of 2016, at the future is expected another successful year for DFW real estate market and the housing market overall.