There are so many real estate agents in Dallas – almost of 7,717, and all of them are active, doing all their work. But, in spite of the quantity, it will be difficult to find your agent to do a purchase of house or any other real estate, because all of us want to find agent with long experience of work. Here you will can see list with the names of the top Dallas real property agents, and, in addition, we added information about the real estate market in Dallas, so you can be confident in them, selling or buying houses, or making decisions about any other question, connected with real estate.

During the past year, in Dallas there were about 7,717 really active agents. Generally, there was 3.1 closings per 12 month, and the top 10% of Dallas agents average 29.0 closes per the same time.

Also, in the last year, about 7,717 of Dallas real property agents have done good their work with clients and helped to them with 10,756 home sales in the same Dallas, Texas. The price was fluctuated around $10,300 and $7,150,000.

Dallas could be named seller’s market – the famous Dallas-F. Worth Metroplex became a very popular area to live, and the population is continuing to grow (it increased by much more than 30% in the last year). Homes like Oak Lawn, located in Dallas ritzier neighborhood, are listed about $1 million. But, if you think that it’s so elevated cost for you, it’s possible to find more affordable prices – about 80% of the inventory in this moment is selling for $500,000 (or less).

If you managed to find really good real property agent, he will help you to find the home that you really need with the good and no so elevated cost. But, obviously, it will be difficult to find really good agent, because there are more than 6,000 active real property agents in this city. To help all future clients, U.S. News, with the OpenHome Realty – company, that introduce clients with the real property agents that have big experience of work – are prepared to help you to find the best home, or to sell it. The neighborhood of the city that are best for you – it’s all that they need before start to do their work. Also you can tell them about the type of your future home and about good price – and it’s all.

For the last years Dallas’s population is continuing to increment. In the 2000 there were about 1,188,168 of people, 1,222,167 in the end of 2014 – elevated about 2.9%.

Dallas is one of the most populous metro areas in all country. The Dallas-F. Worth enters in the top cities that produces more work, and because of this, Dallas now is attracting a lot of new people every month and every year.

The Dallas city is located in the Dallas County. If you’re are thinking about to move into Dallas and to be Dallas’s resident, here we wrote several things about it and its real estate. So, for you it will be interesting:

  • If you’re interested to buy houses located in Dallas County area, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s possible to find it for good price very quickly. Normally, homes in this area are spending in market about 29 days.
  • The Dallas is a real estate market with relatively limited inventory. In the summer of 2016, this city had 2.1 months of supply.
  • In summer of 2016, Dallas County had the inventory about 4,420 homes for the sale – 8% less comparing with past year.
  • In the same year, in June, the average price of Dallas’s real estate was about $228,000 – 11’2% more comparing with the past year.
  • The sold homes in Dallas County were earned 98.5% of the list prices.
  • In 2016 the Dallas city has the estimated population of 1,300,092. The metro area of Dallas-F. Worth-Arlington, one of the most populous in all country, had in 2015 the estimated population about 7,102,796.
  • For living in Dallas it’s necessary to have money. Comparing with the other cities of the country, Dallas is 6% more expensive.

Dallas is almost entirely located in the Dallas County, and has almost 385-square-mile. Dallas also has a lot of technology jobs, and thanks to this it’s sometimes named “Silicon Prairie”. It have companies like Cisco Systems, AT&T and Texas Instruments. The city’s real estate market has high demand and lows of the inventory, so for their clients is difficult to make purchases.

In the Dallas area it’s easy to find all five interstates and the majority of residents have car.

The DART system now includes light rail, commuter rail networks and bus, that service Dallas and other 12 cities. With the 90 miles track the DART is the most large in all country, and also includes the line to Dallas/F. International Airport – the busiest airport (or one of the most busiest) in the world.