Homeowners at the area of Dallas-Fort Worth nowadays are sitting on a really big nest egg.

The total cost of D-FW houses during the last year has grown more than $456.9 billion – rose up 11.1% from the year of 2015. This data means a $45.7 billion profit, according information of Zillow.

“So, the combined cost of all houses located at the area of North Texas is higher in comparison with the “bubble years,” said us Zillow analysts.

Nationwide, the cost of U.S. real estate has ballooned to unimaginable $29.6 trillion, or even more.

“The U.S. real estate stock rose more than ever, and it means the recovery of housing,” Svenja G., Zillow main economist, said us into a report. “The real estate buying gets more than expensive, and affordability remains big problem for many, so these numbers means how much residents are spending on real estate.

“The total cost of the named housing stock rose nearly 6% this year. Data, that probably means likely that some American families lost their homes.”

Zillow measured the major part of the home markets and the result is that the D-FW nowadays ranks 11th for general residential values in all country. Chicago, New York and Los Angeles top the list.

Zillow also says that the national market of housing gained about $1.6 trillion during the past year –  5.7% increase from the year of 2015. And Portland, Oregon, saw the record high jump in value – it rose 13.4% since 2015.

U.S. houses have returned all the value that was lost in the time of housing crash, according information of Zillow. The online house marketing firm think that the medium value of all houses of the country fell more than $6.4 trillion between years of  2006 and 2012.

Zillow also have measured the medium rent that pay the biggest part of Americans. This year, total calculated rents for housing were exactly $11.1 billion, rose 4.8% from the year of 2015.

In the area of D-FW, it was paid exactly $11.1 billion in named rent – it’s 4.8% more in comparison with 2015, according Zillow.

New Yorkers paid the biggest rent housing – about $54.6 billion in 2015.