Information for Buyers and Sellers

Show Your Home At Any Time

Every seller need to know that until the last day, or until the last minute the requests for showings always are common. So, you always need to be ready for the showing, so your home need to be clean and organized at any minute. The toys of your children must be gathered as soon as they had finished playing. All pans and all plates must to be clean too, and do not remain its in the sink more time that is necessary.

Be Flexible

Of course, the biggest part of the future buyers really try to arrive at the exact time, but sometimes this is not possible. Traffic jams on the roads could interfere to them, or the difficult location of your house – there may be more than one reason. In any case, always it’s possible to call.

If this situation pass, and the agents are late, all that you need to do is to wait their a little time more – longer that it was planned, to be sure that you don’t break a showing.

You Also Need To Control Your Pets.

While the viewing of the house is continuing, you need to be sure that your pets are out of the home. Pets like big dogs, because they can scare people. One enormous and rude dog can become a first and major reason for the runaway of your customers.

Also is important to clean the air with freshener and purifier, because is difficult to aware the odors of the own house. Or keep the big pets outside of the home, or in a selected area. Because you’re unlikely to want that the buyers remember the smell of your home.