If you’re today’s desire is to move to the famous region of Dallas-Fort Worth during this year of 2017, we have a really good news for you, especially if you’re desire is to rent a realty, and no to buy it. With so elevated number of jobs – process that have progressed into all North Texas region during nearly 18 past months, today’s housing is good, very good demand, and both house prices and rent have also rising this month’s.

But according the information of a recent report from Axiometrics, it’s possible that supply might eventually be catching up the demand, especially with situation that we’re talking about: the major part of rentals and apartments in DFW area takes nowadays a lot of space in a real estate reports, which means the notable rise in rent prices. So, it’s possible that finally we will see somewhat of slowdown during this year. Axiometrics – analytics and research firm which specialization is student housing and apartments – suggests that this result is more than possible, especially during this year. New supply probably should reach the record peak for sometime next year.

According the last reports, Axiometrics thinks that Dallas rates will increase more than 2.7% during this year, while prices for rent in region of Fort Worth projects to jump only around 2.9%. To make a little contrast, the rates in region of Dallas-Plano-Irving have increased more than 4.3% from year of 2015 and to 2016, while the rates in region of Fort Worth-Arlington jumped 5.7% during this same time.

But, it’s important to say that, even despite such important gains in area of rent prices during the last year, rates around DFW region are still be below the known national average. But a lot of people are continuing to move here, at the region of North Texas, so it continues its rising trend, it might be a simple matter of time when we exceed the level of national average: into the rent and buying prices.