Information for all Sellers

When agents are demonstrating your house to a future prospective buyer, sellers sometimes don’t know what they need to do: stay in the house or go out. In this situation, some sellers decide to stay, to be able to show all pros of their house, or to help to find one or other room. Okey, majority of the owners simply want to see the first reaction of buyers.

Maybe You Need To Go…

Very often buyers feel himself uncomfortable when the owner of the house is present – is important to remember about it. Every seller need to know that this is one of the best ways to kill a sale. In this uncomfortable situation the buyer probably would not open any cabinet or closet doors, feeling like he/she is invading private property. So, they will can start to hurry up, finally they go out, and the showing of the home ends with anything.

Sellers often want start talking, and not only about the home. They will can start to talk about the family questions, about their lovely dogs, about the politics or worse, and in this case is difficult to know about what are thinking buyer – just in the moment, when seller talks him about his difficult/perfect life.

If you, reader, are a seller, the best thing that you will can do during the time of home showing, is go outside. Take your dog for a long walk, or, if you nevertheless need stay in the house, try to don’t contact more that it’s possible with the buyer. It’s easy.