Seven Reasons why Texas is the most preferred residential area

Texas is remarkably growing into an ideal area for most people.

According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, a study that was carried out last time, showed that five out of ten fastest growing cities in US was Texas.

In terms of increasing residential popularity, Austin holds both fourth and fifth positions followed by San Antonio then Houston and finally at first position is New York owing to its populous nature.

Nevertheless, in terms of percentage growth, five of the cities that grew respectively to their size, three are from Texan. Notably, San Marcos takes the lead of the highest growth among all US cities and towns, with a growth rate of 4.9%

Some of the factors that have been credited to the increase in population in Texas is high number of births than death. In spite of the natural increase, Texas has the highest number of people moving into the state both from US and abroad. Below are the outlined reasons for this moves:

  1. Housing

Dr. Ai Anari, a research economist at the Real Estate Center of Texas A&M University, is convinced that the city has the cheapest land with efficient land acquisition processes than all the other states.

It is also fast to get building permits for construction of homes in Texas, though it is not always guaranteed.

With ample land for development, much relaxed regulations, and an approachable government, the city has become the preferred business hub.

Coupled with stringent lending policies, the state’s flexibility has buffered it against housing market crash that has become characteristic of other states.

2. Jobs

According to Professor Joel Kotkin, of Urban Development at Chapman University in Orange, California. He asserts that, albeit the ideal weather and topography, the primary reason of people moving to Texas is the availability of numerous employment opportunities.

Kotkin further attributes the fast economic growth of Texas to the flourishing gas and oil sectors. Predominantly, Houston, which is the world’s energy capital. Additionally, this fast growth is also evident in Texas advancements in technology, business and manufacturing services.

However, critics have raised concerns as to whether Texas indisputable fast growth could be due to poor regulation policies and availability of cheap labor.

Kotkin in his counter argument, argues that Texas has plenty of high-wage admirable jobs. Nonetheless, anyone considering a high-wage job should go to Seattle, San Francisco and New York.

Furthermore, according to Kotkin’s website- New Geography- Texas holds four of the top ten cosmopolitan areas for recent job growth.

In addition, Texas prides in having a huge military personnel presence, this is because many pioneer Texans came in as service personnel.

3. It’s cheaper.

Kotkin advises that once employed, it is paramount that one’s paycheck go as far as possible. He further states that Houston has the most favorable paycheck in the country. Unlike, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco bay area where the standards of living are too high for most people.

Kotkin derives this conclusion from studying the average incomes in the country’s 51 largest metro areas and adjusting them relative to the cost of living. In his analysis he puts three of Texan areas in the top ten.

Houston enjoys relatively low cost of living such as low consumer prices, utilities, transport cost, and significantly low housing prices. These factors have led to Houston being the best in the region according to kotkin.

Absurd as it might appear, According to Kotkin, people who have high-wage jobs in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles may end up living in rented homes and suffer to make end meets forever. This is because the ratio of median home price to median household income is high. In San Francisco it’s at a staggering 6.7 and Houston it is only at 2.9%. On the contrary, people in Texas have a chance to enjoy some middle-class luxuries.

  1. Home attachment

While the state does receive new comers, native Texans are always more than willing to live there. Figures obtained from Pew Research Center indicate that it is the sultriest state in the country.

According to the data, at least 75% of all adults born in Texas have not moved.  

  1. Family-friendly

For its invaluable housing, Texas has become a household name for families. As a result, most of its cities have a high number of children. For instance, San Antonio is home to the largest group of gay parents.

The main impetus for living in Texas include favorable mortgages and excellent schools for children. This is according to Erica Greider, a blog author renowned for, Big, Hot, Cheap and Right: What America Can Learn from the Strange Genius of Texas.  

Moreover, restaurants are very hospitable and welcome families warmly.

For the aforementioned reasons, Texas has become a top pick for home seekers. This has also helped people get over the myth that the state is conservative.

  1. Texans are normal people…

Texas prides itself as a modest and sober place where people can interact easily and form friendships.

According to John Steinbeck, the city is more interconnected that the other states of America.

Albeit people’s speculation that the state will become democratic in the near future, the state continues to house people with old-school ideologies.

Many people would rather go to California than move to Texas according to Grieder. However, even those who are reluctant to move to Texas live there.

In addition, she says that Texans are not very religious, and most people come to the state for job-related reasons and in search of a peaceful environment to live in.

According to the data, at least 75% of all adults born in Texas have not moved.  

  1. Low taxes

According to Kay Bell, who is a Texan resident and tax editor at Bank rate, Texas is among the seven states which do not charge their residents personal income tax.  

Besides, she argues that the state has a disparate property tax system that has evoked complaints from homeowners. Nonetheless, according to a research by Tax Foundation, there are other five states with lower personal tax burden than Texas. Moreover, the state has attractive tax incentives for businesses. For instance, this week alone, legislators have pardoned businesspersons more than $1 billion in taxes.