It was one of the most active years for the DFW apartment market, that was beating all possible records at the area of realty. And at the end of 2016 showed no one sign of the slowdown – data that comes from the recently published report of the MPF Research. According the received numbers, and thanks to the other general information, we saw that at the area of North Texas appeared about 10,485 units leased during fourth quarter year of 2016, that means the biggest demand and a new record in comparison with the fourth quarter of the last year.

According the report of MPF, DFW nowadays claims for the country’s first spot for realty demand, which data easily explains why we see the region’s biggest job growth and also the employment opportunities, that are continuing to help to all new residents at this area.

But, at the same time, the overwhelming demand nowadays also continues to push real estate prices up. It’s ruefully, especially for all renters. According the another information about this problem, now we also see that the average rent over the year of 2016 jumped to nearly 6 percent. At this month’s, the general average monthly rent at the Dallas-Fort Worth area jumped and is $1,042. But, how we know, the major part of projects are being completed at the future, especially the projects around the Dallas city.

According the information of MPF Research, around 50,000 of rental units are now under construction at the North Texas area, and about 29,000 of these projects expected to be finished during 2017.